Using The Appropriate Walking Aid

elderly walking aid for old man

Why Would One Use A Walking Aid?

If you or any of your loved ones have had a stroke, they would need a walking aid to assist in walking and moving around. You can also help medical professionals and practitioners purchase the right Walker or walking aid from the market.

Check for the Right Size of Walking Aid:

The size of the Cane needs to be in line with your standing position. You need to check the right size of the Cane, which should be in line with your height. This way, you would be able to stand straight with both your arms on the side of the arms of the Cane.

Similarly, the size of the Walker should be as per your height, so you don’t have to tilt to any side. The top side of the Walker should be at your waist level. It is also essential to ensure that all four legs of the Walker should be of the same and equal sizes and lengths.

What if You Use The Cane?

For that matter, you need to hold the Cane in your hurt or unaffected side. Next is to move the affected leg in front. This way, the other leg takes the body’s total weight, and the injured leg gets little weight. Then you can move forward with the affected leg easily. If you are required to go up the stairs, you can make use of the handrail. Then you used to step up along with your unaffected leg in the first place and take your other leg along. 

How To Use The Walker?

You tend to use Walker, either rolling Walker or pickup walker. The Walker can then take the infected leg along with the other leg. This way, it is easy for the infected leg to take the bodyweight when standing on that leg completely. Again the posture of the Walker matters a lot when you plan to get one. It is recommended not to use stairs along with Walker.

What to Look for When Using Walking Aids?

All uneven and rough surfaces and places must be ignored. Since you are recovering from a stroke, you need to be careful when using Walker or Cane. The ends of the Walker can be slippery at times. You can have rubber edges at the end to avoid any unforeseen situation. 

Walking is essential and probable the first thing you should focus on when recovering from a stroke. It is better to take medical advice in the first place. There are many ways with which you can improve your walking while at home. At the same time, you need to be extra careful when walking because your balance would be shaky, and you would not be able to stand straight for long. Thus, having appropriate and better walking aid can be beneficial for your recovery. Once you start, you will get back to a normal routine with a healthy life. Look for various choices of good walking aids in Singapore to keep track of your daily routine. 

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