Lightweight Wheelchair for Elders

elderly man in a wheelchair on a busy street

How Does Wheelchairs Help Mobility For Elders?

Wheelchairs are considered an excellent alternate for easy movement to take all the feet weight to the moving aid. In the market, many types and models of wheelchairs are available, and many are heavy to hold and carry. If you are looking for a lightweight, then the article might help you.

Certain wheelchairs are meant for medical and healthcare use. These are very lightweight, and some come with the additional feature of easy folding. This can be taken for storage and here there as well. Some medically designed also have been designed in line with ergonomic requirements and footrests. Others come with brakes as well, so the person riding can easily manage them. 

The Recommended Weight of the Light Wheelchair:

There is a lot of variation in the weight of the lightweight wheelchair available in the market. In true definition, any chair that can take easily to other places with the hand is considered lightweight. The ideal weight for such chairs is around 3.5 kg (7.7lb). Some call the standard weight for lightweight wheelchairs to be 14kg (30.9lb). Whereas the category of heavy range 29.5 kg (65lb)

In the category of wheelchairs, there is yet another category of electric wheelchairs. These are heavy due to the installation of an electric motor in them. The overall weight of these wheelchairs is from 22.7 kg (50lb) to 136.1 kg (300lb). It is all about the associated accessories with the wheelchairs. More accessories with wheelchairs mean, better it would be to carry. 

How to Determine the Weight of the Wheelchair?

Mainly it is the design of the wheelchair that makes it either heavy or light to carry. The carbon fibre material is considered a better and preferred option keeping in mind the chair’s lightweight. But bear in mind, this model is slightly expensive as well. Some companies preferably use aluminium in design which makes it lightweight. 

Some wheelchairs only have a frame to consider. These come with other accessories, like storage space, brakes, footrests, cushions, etc. It is better to keep such accessories low with the chair if you want a lightweight one. 

Why Choose Lightweight Wheelchairs?

There are many plus points for using lightweight wheelchairs. You can see all these benefits are practical and, in true meaning, beneficial.

  • You can straight move the light wheelchair as compared to the heavy one. If you have a manual version, it would be easy to move it around simply with your arms. Even the size of the lightweight wheelchairs is larger, so it could take the overall weight of the chair easily. 
  • As far as the portability of lightweight wheelchairs is concerned, these are better and portable. One person can easily carry it without any additional help. This notion is even better if you are using a folding model of the chair. 

In short, lightweight wheelchairs is easy to hold and carry everywhere. You can perform many of your tasks with ease. If you require to buy a lightweight wheelchair, check the market for wheelchairs for sale, manage your budget and decide. 

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