Getting ACL Tear Surgery in Singapore

ACL knee injury with sports

When you start having problems in turning your knee to one side while spots and feel pop like sensations, then it means you are suffering from torn ligaments and it needs to be treated. If you keep ignoring the symptoms, soon you will find it hard to have normal walk and putting weight on your knee will also become difficult. By that time, you will not be able to play your normal games.

In the first instance, doctor may ask you to go for certain important tests including X-rays to check the condition of the knee and to what extent it is damaged. If you have got an injury in your knee which is unbearable, then it is recommended to go for the surgery.

If you keep delaying it further, say for six months, then you are increasing risks of causing permanent harm to your knee and associated areas like menisci and cartilage. So, if you are sportsman and you are facing unstable knee, then it is better to go for ACL surgery. More information about ACL tears and the surgery involved can be found here:

The maximum advantage in this regard is for people, who are:

  • All those adults patients who are active and are involved in labour work which requires turning and pivoting
  • Any adolescents or children who have had ACL tears, advanced technology is normally used for the reduction of injury
  • Patients who are active and adults and involved in sports like basketball, soccer or rugby
  • People older than 50 years and are actively involved in sports activities, and have undergone injury to their knees.
  • People having other knee injuries apart with ACL tear. Other injuries include LCL (Lateral collateral ligament), PCL (Posterior cruciate ligament), cartilage or menisci

Advantages of getting ACL Tear Surgery

Some known advantages of getting ACL Tear surgery are:

  • Patient with ACL tear surgery is able to get back to performing routine tasks. If he/she is in sports, then he/she will be able to perform normal sports activities as well
  • In case of menisci along with ACL, repairing of menisci can also be done along with ACL Tear surgery, so the overall results are better
  • Knee become better and stable
  • Any probable and early risks of arthritis are reduced after ACL tear surgery

Disadvantages of ACL Tear Surgery

  • The rehabilitation or recovery time of ACL Tear surgery is pretty long. Person who is in sports may find it hard to wait that long and with patience.
  • The overall cost structure of the process is also higher in Singapore when compared with other nations, so if your budget is small, then you may have to look for other options or apply for subsidies where possible.
  • There are sometimes risks involved in the process as well, in case you fail to fulfill all the requirements of post-surgery.

Thus, if you plan to get ACL Tear surgery in Singapore, then you need to find the doctor who is skilled and expert in his field and is affordable as well.

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