Professional Value of Project Management Certification

What is Project Management Certification?

The project management certification is a professional certification that is awarded to the professionals who deal with project management. This is one certification, along with some security certifications, that has achieved a global recognition. There are several professional certifications, such as — Professional Certificate in Human Resources (PCHR), Professional Certification in Accounting (PCA), Professional Certificate in Customer Relationship Management (PCCRM), Professional Certificate in Technical Communication (PCTC), and Professional Certificate in Marketing (PCM). However, the certification with the highest demand is the project management certification, also known as PMP (Project Management Professional) certification. This is one certification that helps a professional to prove his/her credibility in office.

The project management certification is organized by the Project Management Institute. It is held on the material decided by the PMI Project Management Body of Knowledge (PMBOK). The parameters that need to be fulfilled to appear for the examination are: having cleared the graduation examination with a bachelor’s degree, having thirty five hours of formal project management training and most importantly, having a minimum of four thousand five hundred hours of project management experience. From the above mentioned criteria, it is evident that one needs to be quite experienced in order to attain this certificate and also dedicate enough time to prepare for the examination, which has around two hundred questions.

Need for such certification

At times apart from hard work and sincerity, there is a need to prove one’s mettle through formal certifications. The project management certification adds value to one’s professional worth and credibility. It has several advantages that add value to a professional’s growth. It definitely boosts one’s confidence as now the person knows that he/she can handle complex project related responsibilities. Secondly, it is also a means of proving to one’s peers and supervisor that he or she is capable of taking project management roles and handle them successfully with a completion that will please the client. As it is held by an external organization, its credibility is very high. This makes one appear to be able to take up more responsibilities, which will only help one to grow professionally. Last but not the least, as it is an unbiased judgment of one’s capabilities, it opens the doors to new and better opportunities.

Thus, from these above mentioned advantages, it is evident that the project management certification is very important for any professional who wants to ride up the ladder and achieve the best in life.