Difference Between Boutique Hotels and Chain Hotels

Boutique hotels are fast becoming the go to place for travelers; it offers a unique and more private experience than most chain hotels. boutique hotel in Singapore offers an experience that feels closer to home and with lots of character. There are different reasons why people opt for boutique hotels rather than a chain hotel, let’s look at the difference between the two.

1) Number of rooms

One of the biggest differences between a boutique hotel and a chain hotel is its size. The number rooms in a boutique hotel are considerably lower than the chain hotels. The advantage of having lesser number of rooms is that, they are able to provide more personalized and closer care than a chain hotel. Also the privacy is greater than in a crowded chain hotel, the only downside being lower availability of rooms. But the chain hotels with large number of rooms provide equal service but not on a personal level.

2) Design

Another difference that makes the boutique hotel standout against the chain hotels is its artistic and innovative design. Boutique hotels value uniqueness; hence they go for designs that are unique or fit a certain theme. This can be a very unique experience for the guests as their stay would involve living in a piece of art or surrounded by unique art, which can have a positive impact on their mood. Each room stands out as it is given individuality, this doesn’t make the guests feel like they are in a monotonous place. Opposite is said to be true when comes to a chain hotel, which consists of large number of rooms that are exact copy of each other with twist of uniqueness. People usually travel to get out of their monotonous life and routine, the chain hotel actually extends that monotony to their rooms.

3) Location

Another major difference that makes us decides which hotel to choose for staying. Due to the relative smaller size of the boutique hotel, it can be accommodated in within the city or even the heart of the city closer to all the attractions and must visit places. When it comes to the chain hotels with their larger size cannot be accommodated within the heart of the city due to their need for larger space. This means most of the chain hotels could be situated on the outskirts of the city or within a very confined space.